Vinicola Santandrea


About us

First of all a Family.

Our origins are in the ground, they are our heritage, our passion, our work. They remind us the exciting story of our family Pandolfo, started in Pantelleria, carried on in Tunisia till here in Terracina.


Over the years, working hard, we became a Winery.

With method, diligence, passion we achieved the dream started in the middle of the nineteenth century, and to date we product wines that we ever wanted. And that’s for this reason that we continue to be awarded: because first of all we evaluate carefully our wines.


We changed, we improved, we enlarged, but we remain our self.

We remain farmer, careful producer, and willing and helpful to customer. Even now, according to tradition and according to the rule established by the great-grandfather Andrea, every evening we write the diary of our day with precision and dedication to learn, to study, to reflect and for the future generations.


Our future: Sant’Andrea.

We want to improve, day after day, exactly like the good wine become refined day after day, we want new challenges, we are proud and determined of our results but it doesn’t mean that we are completely satisfied.