Vinicola Santandrea


The Story

Our wine-producing story is marked by places and people.

As our wines keep the taste of Pantelleria island, the taste of Tunisia, we keep the same passion and the same obstinacy of the men who started to cultivate the first grapevine.

In remembrance of Andrea I Pandolfo we decided to dedicate his name to the winery. Thank him, in the Sicilian island, the small vineyards of zibibbo grapes gave the first results, then in 1880 Khanguet Gare in Tunisia became the new land of production of the family. Thanks to his dedication and thanks to the help of his son Giovanni, many ships full of Pandolfo wine left to serve the best market of France.

In 1938 Andrea II at the age of sixteen, son of Giovanni, with courage and effort, he continued to expand the name and the quality of their wines till a terrible disease, the phylloxera, arrived in Tunisia and destroyed all the vineyards of the farm. The dry grapevines were cut and burnt, and from them they obtained coal that was sold at the general markets of Tunis.

Never give up. From France the first disease resistant grapevine cuttings arrived and so the red and dry and deserted plots sprout again with grapevine leaves and plentiful bunch of grapes.

After all the labour and the efforts made to come back to the top, on 12th May 1964, the president of Tunisia, Harbib Bourghiba, decided to dispossess all the properties and possessions of the foreigners resident in Tunisia and he forced them to leave the country and to move to Italy or France. One more challenge, more sacrifices, and once again my father, Andrea II, and my mother Elena started again in a new, small farm: n° 1720 in via Renibbio close to Terracina where in 1968 the grape harvest compensated them with the first grapes.

Finally first clients, first bottles with handmade labels, first chestnut wood barrels and the winery became one of the first wine making enterprise of that area. In 1976 Andrea II died but his dream is now reality: “Sant’Andrea”. Currently the company is managed by Grabiele Pandolfo, his wife Enza and his son Andrea III.