Vinicola Santandrea



It looks like out of place talking about values to describe a winery, but actually we consider it essential to help those who don’t know us, to understand better the sense of our everyday choices, our way to be and our aims.

Work is a passion that daily reinforces our family relationship, values that pass through generations and compare different personalities, values that gather us together during the accurate production, it’s the added value that makes an unique taste, with fragrance, flavours and colours that are depicted in every sip of our wines.

We believe in our story, a story full of teaching, recommendations, advices, experiments that guide our choices for the fulfilment of this great dream. The charm of manual labour, the scrupulous care of every step it’s our method to respect and to keep alive traditions.

Innovation and Experimentation
Between our traditions there has always been the awareness that to work for excellence you need to make full use of innovation and experimentation. Today we continue to test new methods and innovative instruments with only one purpose: the high quality of wine.

Environment and Nature
We reap the benefits of the ground. The quality of the results depends on the care that we have working the ground and how we respect the nature. We are integral part of our land supported by an extraordinary climate and we are aware that only from this respect and this sharing we can get exceptional products.