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Awards and Aknowledgements

13th National Competition “Merlot of Italy”

In Aldeno, one more success for us, the most important national festival dedicated to Merlot rewarded our Sogno as the winner of IGT Previous Year Category.

More than 120 wines took part to the competition, 30 committees presided over by Salvatore Maule professor at Edmund Mach Foundation. A high level festival that gathers wine lovers of this noble wine.

The 23rd October at 5.00 p.m. appointment at the district of Trento for the award ceremony and the wine tasting itinerary of the Competition led by the sommelier Adua Villa in collaboration with Alessandro Torcoli director of Civiltà del Bere magazine.


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Awards and Aknowledgements

Capitolium gains 5 grappoli Bibenda

We are happy to share with you one more result: our Capitolium gained 5 grappoli Bibenda 2016.

The Guide to the finest Italian wines, grappa, and restaurants, that represents the most remarkable project in the world dedicated to wine and food, evaluated our Passito Sant’Andrea with the score 91-100/100, placing it between the greatest wines of Italy.

Every year about 20.000 wines are tasted according to the Italian Sommelier Assosiation method, last year 900 wines have reached the final and 509 wines have been awarded with 5 grappoli.

Thanks Bibenda the excellence is on your table, and we are part of this excellence.




The 20th September from 10.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. our winery opens the cellars to all those who want to come and visit us and want to discover the wine world.

We join the proposal promoted by the Wine Tourism Movement: “Open Wineries during grape harvest” to celebrate the new harvest year, so all together we’ll taste our wine, local products and then we’ll visit the winery.

We look forward to see you all for an extraordinary day dedicated to the taste and the pleasure of agricultural products.

For more info click here

Don’t miss it!


Awards and Aknowledgements

Crown for Oppidum

Our “Oppidum” 2014 Muscat of Terracina DOC Dry gained the crown, the most important award of the Vinibuoni d’Italia Guide. After the first place at the International Competition “Muscats du Monde” another success for this white wine, that is one of the best beloved wines of our winery.

Vinibuoni d’Italia Guide is the only guide in the world dedicated to wines that come from autochthon vineyards, that means vineyards on the land for more than 300 years. Purpose of the guide is to promote the Italian wine tradition respecting the typicality of our country.

Thanks to the careful selection and to the authentic judgement of more than 80 wine tasters, this is the right guide for those who want the 100% made in Italy. Of course we are part of this.


Awards and Aknowledgements

Oppidum 2014 the best Muscat in the world

We couldn’t wish for a best result, our Oppidum 2014 has been recognized as the best Muscat in the world at the competition reserved to the Muscat grape wine making.

For more than 15 the French Competition Muscats du Monde is the point of reference for Muscat for this reason we are so proud to be on the top, it’s a great pleasure have reached this special winning post.

Anyway we never relax, we always want to improve and to expand our wines, only in this way we can be fulfilled. We also want to celebrate Templum Sweet and Templum Sparkling Wine that won respectively the gold medal and the silver medal.
Our vocation to Muscat grape is a real passion, that’s why we gained great results:

– in 2013 Oppidum Sparkling Wine won silver medal and in 2011 the gold medal,
– in 2011 Oppidum Wine won the silver medal and in 2010 the gold medal,
– in 2010 Templum Sweet Wine won the silver medal and Templum Sparkling Wine won the gold medal,
– in 2009 Capitolium won the gold medal.

Muscats du Monde promotes and judges the Muscat in all its classification, dry, sweet, sparkling, white, with red or rosé hints, and we have the great opportunity to show the different kind of Muscat that we product in Terracina. We do our best to spread the peculiarity of our land and our climate that make our grapes so special.

The competition has been organized by the Association Forum Onologie with the participation of Revue des Oenologues, and 209 Muscat wines from 23 countries have participated. This year our Oppidum gained the first place overcoming Bulgaria, South Africa, France, Australia, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey and Italy.

For more info about the Competition click here.


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Awards and Aknowledgements

Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition

The Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition located in Paris, is structured in three sessions: autumn, winter and spring.

During the spring session we won the gold medal thanks to our Capitolium that convinced the panel of judges scoring 91/100. Gold yellow coloured. Caramel, crème brulée, dry plums fragrance. Full bodied wine, lively it keeps plum hints combining to spices. Light vegetal hints. Fantastic, majestic style.

5 more wines of the same line have been judged you can read comments here.

Once again thank you so much!

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Press Review

Hum, the dream and the charm of a vineyard.

We spent a wonderful day together with the authors of Foodwineadvisor, a blog dedicated to food and wine. We are always available to host those who are interested or curious about how our wines are made. Below some extracts from the blog, if you want to read the whole article click here.

Bright gold coloured, Oppidum spreads the Mediterranean essence, wood scent, sweet herbs and sweet flowers hints that blend in with apricot and tropical fruits. Fresh and lively wine thanks to the citrus hints and white flowers, dry and in the end you find an appropriate balance in the bitter almond hints.

Hum is more elegant when matured and ready to be tasted. Bright gold coloured and the smell of the vineyard features seems stronger than Oppidum. An important minerality gives salty taste hints that remind the vineyard, full of Hum, that is a limestone rock of every shape and size”.

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Awards and Aknowledgements

7 Gold medal for 7 Sant’Andrea wines.

Among the 550 awarded wines at the Douja d’Or Competition in Asti, there are 7 wines of the Riflessi line. The selection between 982 wines, has been accomplished by 200 experts of the Wine Taster National Association that judged our wines with a score of 85/100, the minimum to get the Douja d’Or medal.

Thanks to this award, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Asti, Doc wines and Docg ( controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) wines have a prestigious place where to compare each other and where promote the Italian excellence. The appointment is from the 11th to 20th September at Palazzo dell’Enofilia to taste all the awarded wines.
Below Sant’Andrea wines that gained the qualification:

Circeo White 2014 Riflessi
Circeo Rosé 2014 Riflessi
Circeo Red 2011 Incontro al Circeo
Circeo Red 2014 Riflessi
Muscat of Terracina Sweet 2014 Templum
Muscat of Terracina Raisin Wine 2012 Capitolium
Muscat of Terracina Dry 2014 Oppidum


Medaglia d'oro 2015_1

Awards and Aknowledgements

4 Gold Medal in Pramaggiore

During the 54th Edition of the National DOCG- DOC- IGT Wine Competition we won 4 gold medals.

The awarded wines are:

“Sogno” 2010 Lazio IGT Merlot/Cesanese

“Incontro” 2011 Circeo DOC Red

“Riflessi” 2014 Lazio IGT Sparkling White

“Oppidum” 2014 Muscat of Terracina Dry

So happy about these results, and always ready to do our best.



Awards and Aknowledgements

The Silver Medal

Between 129 silver medals assigned by the National Association City of Wine the 29th – 31st May, one is for our Capitolium 2013.

The raisin wine Muscat of Terracina won over the panel of the Competition. This competition promotes wineries and the areas that product high quality wines (DOC, DOCG, IGT) from a minimum of 1.000 bottles to 50.000 bottles.

The care and the peculiarity of this selection is testified by the fact that the wineries take part together with the district where the vineyard belong to.

For us Borgo Vodice means home and land, which we care everyday to gain the best results.

Once again thank you all!