Vinicola Santandrea



Tendone Wine Training System and Guyot System

The growth of the grapevine depends on the vine training system and on the employment of the grape.

When we talk about Tendone we refers to a system based on fixed supports on the soil that are linked each other by a metal string to form arcades between 180/220 metres. In this way grapes are protected from sunbeams.

This system is very popular especially in South Italy and it is used to produce table wine.

Instead if we work for high quality and for excellence we prefer the Guyot system. We won’t have a multitude of grapes but for sure we will have high quality grapes.
It is a cane-pruned system with spurs. The cane buds grow into shoots that produce the yield in the following season. The spur buds produce shoots that can be used as canes the following year, thus preventing the vine from sprawling too far along the trellis. This system trains one or two fruiting arms along a main wire.

Anyway in Agro Pontino area the most popular wine training system is Tendone, even if recently, in Pandolfo vineyards it has been replaced by Guyot system to guarantee a better taste.