Vinicola Santandrea



The Vineyard in Terracina

This vineyard keeps intact the whole charm of the manual labour of the grapes, from the pruning to the harvest, and especially during the period of the grape harvest, it creates the unique atmosphere of a not industrialized past often forgotten. This is possible thanks to its 15 hectares surrounded by an uncontaminated nature, full of karst rocks 400 metres above sea level. These 10 hectares in Campo Soriano, natural monument and regional park, make this landscape unique, and it is also protected and recognized for its extraordinary geology.

The soil is typical of the Terracina area with prevalence of red clay and the vineyard are the most ancient of the area like, first of all Muscat of Terracina, then Cesanese of Terracina, Aleatico and Abbuoto or Cecubo ( this last one was already produced by Romans).

All the vineyards use the Guyot training system, with a density from 6000 to 7500 plants per hectare.